Some people think it’s weird that I used to be a preacher. I get it. Preachers can be a little creepy. Hell I was creeped out by preachers even when I WAS one, which was a little awkward and produced occasional bouts of depression and self loathing. That kind of sucked. And it probably has something to do with why I drink whiskey.

Anyway, that preacher shit was a whole lifetime ago. The only people who call me “preacher” now are Daniel, Boosh, and Reggie. They think it’s funny. And that’s how I started wearing my old clerical collar for whiskey tastings, which I thought was hilarious. Most people agree. Religious types think it’s blasphemous, which is just an added benefit. The hell with them if they can’t take a joke, I say.

Also I’ve noticed that when churchy people think something is blasphemous, it’s probably awesome. Hell I think if Jesus was here he’d probably be into a lot of blasphemous shit. Just my opinion.

The Boosh and I make quite a pair when we hit a bar here in San Antonio. A one-eyed curmudgeon who can just be downright surly and his buddy who looks like a priest and starts talking fancy when he gets to drinking.

Everybody has a story, right?

This one is mine.